“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think."---
George Bernard Shaw

About Truth Media
- TM posts material that is rarely found through mainstream sources, therefore, be forewarned that the element of shock and awe is real and may create skepticism in the unaware reader. You are cautioned to be mindful and not be caught off guard.

Note that various selected off-world topics may post herein, although earlier posts are about controversial conspiratorial topics that implicates the insatiable
"The Powers that Be" and their governance of the food, medical, entertainment industry, the sports world, the educational system, politics, military industrial complex, religious dogma and so forth.

The mass majority of mankind exists in a cloud of fear; veiled in a dumb-downed drugged state of mind initiated by the dark cabal’s (archons) powerful industrial technologies, which I personally define as an ethereal assault upon mankind’s psyche, body and soul. The imperceptible Overlords objective is to aim countless brainwashing strategies that engenders phobias and a dreaded sense of vulnerability in the human consciousness. On the other hand, I witness many are awakening; saying NO! to the heartless pervasive rules and corruption of society. And so be it, for we are gradually gaining momentum and reclaiming our sovereignty which is justly intended for humanity to achieve their peaceful future. We, as collective creator beings, are called to create and sustain an optimistic and compassionate mindset - for this is when we can wholly be the change we wish to see in the world. And realize that it all begins with US... Yet it is essential that unethical events must continue to unfold - to be brought forth by the Warriors of Light, for all is divinely planned, since beneath the veil of oppression lies humanity's inherent nature of ‘light’ - to rise up, advance forward and shift beyond. We must purge the dark forces before the Phoenix can be born into a compassionate World - The New Consciousness. Be vigilant. You have a God given right of free-will to believe or disbelieve material on this blog or elsewhere. ~ In Light of Truth to All My Brothers and Sisters ~DP

~ "To have peace, we will have to love, we will have to begin not to live an ideal life but to see things as they are and act upon them, transforming them." ~ J. Krishnamurti


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Rafapal & Alfred Webre: A Solution for the Planet in 13 Steps

"Today, more than ever, the solutions to the problems of the planet will have to come from the unity of all beings that live there. This is the motive for this proposal for development called The Aquarian World Alternative. It is based on a political movement that simultaneously, in all countries of the planet, promotes the same ideals and identifies with the same symbol. This movement could well be called "Another world is possible", in reference to this well-known movement and its successful slogan.

There are multiple reasons why this movement has to be born simultaneously in all countries, the more the merrier. On the one hand, as noted above, the solutions to the problems faced by each country (energy, water, food, finance, environment) cannot be addressed independently. Countries all over the World are, for better or worse, beset with similar problems. What mustn’t continue is fighting amongst ourselves, different countries, because of dwindling resources.  On the other hand, the European Union’s demonstration of forceful unity, that human beings from different countries and cultures have come to agreements to share and progress together, has had a tremendously positive impact for hope among the citizenry. This tends to get more countries to jump onto the wagon, because success in one country will have an impact on another. Hope then resprouts in the faces of all on earth and this alone will lead to problem solving..." continues in the video

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